Princeton Shotokan Sankukai: Teaching Shotokan Karate in Central New Jersey

Princeton Shotokan Sankukai


What are the values and benefits of practicing karate? Why practice with us?

Most martial arts schools will tell you that karate will give you or your child the increased ability to focus, increased awareness of your surroundings, and raise self-esteem. This is true, and true in our class too. But what makes us different than the rest? Princeton Shotokan is the only karate school in the Princeton area where you can learn traditional Japanese karate as students do in Japan. Sensei Takeshi Kitagawa grew up in Japan, completed his formal training in Japan, and has more than 20 years of teaching experience teaching in Japan. Our school is for students with an interest in Japanese culture and serious students who would like to deepen their knowledge of Japanese martial arts.